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l child s age, fifteen year old large and small have eleven or twelve, they are several classes in a white night. Children swept away the house, you will find a little strange, there is mostly girls, two thirds are malnourished, pale and thin, dry hair chlorosis. They particularly seriously, holding a pen and paper trying to learn a tiny bit afraid to play a little Magento Certified Developer Plus sloppy. Tang came from the world for months, White Night has been folded beggars displaced persons, these children is to be folded from him. He she wherein, mostly orphans, few people carrying parents, fled from the north, even to escape, they are refugees, beggars. As for his her why the majority of the girls Because this year, patriarchal ideology is too general, too Magento Certification seriously, girls far less important to the boy. Many of the girls here are mostly abandoned by their parents, living here. Some are very small to steal for a living by begging, Lingding live lonely, even when someone was caught stealing food, while often suffer beatings, and then was killed maimed. A closer look, Wei Zhen Zhen, Kouzhong, Xuzi Ling Lang Lang these three Magento Certified Developer Plus it exam are among the school children, three of them equally serious, cherish the hard won gift. Yes, that is the hard won gift, although White Nights never think so, but he collapsed more than a thousand children orphans, almost all of them are such thoughts. A place to live, there are clothes to wear, to eat, no one would dare to bully him her , but also to learn those magical knowledge, he she who occasionally someone will think this is a dream, this is heaven, no one should his her Dalit these ants so good. Therefore.

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