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allization age old paleontology bone formation. Since then, science and technology in the past here, and White Nights embarked on a fork, past oil based energy, and the world to the crystalline graphite based nuclear reactors. White Night at the request, and spent ten years time, they do crystal stone energy conversion device efficiency up to ninety percent, almost close to 100. The world scientific and technological level now, past the twentieth century equivalent of the White Night 1980s, but the development of a variety of different, you can not apply the theory F5 Certification of the world before the world. After martial entering a new era of micro molecule, with a trend towards the development of fantasy development. The same was thirty years ago, when scientists knocking door to nuclear physics, researchers have proposed a martial arts series on human biological theory. Some people think the theory is simply very funny, and very practical, received widespread support of the crowd. For example, on human food absorption problems. This is a meal that drinking water, but also to pee shit slacker initiative. He developed a martial Thinking can break down food in the body to absorb as much as possible, then people will not pee shit. The proposal came out, the whole Republic are boiling, naughty joy are those most beautiful women. Anyway, not ugly and the ugly, the United F5-CTS LTM States and not the United States, the thought of a beautiful goddess level will also release cocky, pull out the urine, think about that picture, F5-CTS LTM it exam it is estimated will reduce a lot of points hearts charm. White Night see this proposal, the mouth pumping.

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